System Cert OHSAS 1800

OHSAS 1800

  • A Summary of OHSAS 18001

    OHSMS (Occupational Health & Safety Management System) is a management system that is determined to anticipate and prevent in advance the occupational health and safety hazards of employees that may occur in work sites to organizationally secure, improve and manage the health and safety of the employees.
    It is remarkable that international certification bodies participated in the joint legislation by mutual agreement. It indicates that Occupational Health & Safety Management fields are approaching an imminent selection as an international standard. The basic concept of standard is based on a guide standard of BS8800 England Occupational Health & Safety Management. Various certification standards of each body are now unified.

  • Necessity and Effect of OHSAS 18001

    • Capacity to actively cope with international trends
      • Elimination of international trade barriers about safety and occupational health to ease an entrance to foreign marketplace
      • Guarantee of free behavior from international pressure groups such as ILO and the like
      • Easy construction of an integrated system with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 that have a similar structure and enablement of realizing effective quality/ environment/safety management systems
    • Safety & Health Aspect
      • Great reduction of accident rates through continuous management/prevention of potential dangers in work sites to protect property and life
    • Financial Aspect
      • Benefits of reduced accident compensation costs to the prime cost structure through reduced accident rates
      • Stability in investment to be provided to interested parties
    • Capacity to cope with social pressures
      • Living up to increased desire to safety by the general public
      • Enhanced stability in labor-management relationship
    • Reinforced laws and regulations
      • Capacity to actively cope with local and international laws and regulations
      • Reinforced monitoring of international labor communities
  • A Summary of OHSAS 18001 Model

    It is important that the standard structure of OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Specification) 18001 has adopted the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) model of ISO 14000 standard. Furthermore, it is considered that standard structure of OHSAS 18001 has taken into account the combination (duality) with other management systems (quality and environment).
    If a corporation has adopted ISO 14000 management system, introduction of OHSAS is not very difficult at all. The basic approach method for implementation of the occupational health & safety management system is given below:

    Safety & Health Policy: Mandatory documentation of intention and principle of an organization relevant to safety and health achievement to ensure that all employees are aware and understand the policy.
    Planning: Safety & health hazards relevant to activities, services and products of an organization to be grasped
    Implementation & Operation: Safety & health elements relevant to activities, services and products of an organization to be properly managed.
    Checking & Corrective Action: Checking to be made on whether the safety and health policy, objects and related laws and regulations which are the important elements of safety and health management system have been accomplished and the appropriateness thereof, and corrective actions to be taken, if necessary.
    Management Review: Review of the safety and health management system and evaluation of achievement of the system.

  • ICR Service Methodology

    ICR (International Certification Registrar, LTD.,) auditors armed with profound experience and professional knowledge provide customers with valuable services through OHSAS 18001 certification audit based on full understanding and high-level audit achievement of business traits and process of customers.

    • Contract for certification audit
    • Preliminary audit: Checking to be made on where security of a system is required through review of management system prior to certification audit for registration
    • Audit for certification registration
    • STAGE 1 audit: Document review of management system and on-site checking on environmental aspect
    • STAGE 2 audit (On-site audit): Checking on implementation of management system
    • Surveillance management audit: Periodic checking on continual effectiveness of environmental management system
    • Recertification audit: Audit for re-registration every three years on a par with an initial audit level
    • Integrated audit: Integrated audit of environmental management system with other management systems (Quality management system and safety and health management system) is possible.

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