About ICR Management Policy

Management Policy

  • Management Policy

    ICR always endeavors to create new certification service culture of the twenty-first century with the following management policy

    "ICR contributes to improvement of client's management system by providing reliable audit services."

    Service Strategy

    ICR will achieve the management policy with independence, impartiality and efficiency of certification audits.

Certification/Service Enquiry

System Cert
T: +82-2-6351-9001
F: +82-2-6351-9007
EMC Testing
T: +82-2-6351-9002
F: +82-2-6455-2660
T: +82-2-6351-9003
F: +82-2-6455-2668
T: +82-2-6351-9005
F: +82-2-6455-2660
E: icr@icrqa.com