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CEO Greeting

These days, many organizations are under an era of global economic institutional changes and are confronted with a variety of challenges. These challenges stem from changes in technology, sustainable growth, environment and social responsibility, globalization, rapid change and other invisible risks.

A forward thinking organization will secure a solid management system in order to cope with this rapidly changing environment.

An organization can create an improved and sustainable management system by implementing a proven set of standards and securing certification to that system.

ICR provides multifarious certifications for management systems and educational services to meet customer needs and continually improve your businesses objectives.

All ICR auditors boast professional knowledge and profound experience in many industries and provide a high-level of service to the customers.

ICR takes pride in the continuous development of our services to satisfy the changing requirements of our customers and to ensure total customer satisfaction.

With this customer-oriented mind-set, all management and employees of ICR make a promise to do their level best in assisting our customers in their pursuit of developing a successful, sustainable business.

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EMC Testing
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