Testing Automotive


  • Application of EMC tests to automotive electrical equipment

    Ensure your electrical systems and componentsí» compliance with SAE, OEM, E/e-Mark, national, and international regulatory EMC standards, including pre compliance and test plan development services. It shall be performed testing at both the component/module and chip/IC levels, and utilize state-of-the-art CAN bus data acquisition software to monitor the interaction between your components and simulated loads, allowing us to accurately predict whole vehicle compliance.
    Bellows can be tested for automotive parts and modules.

    • Bulk Current Injection (BCI)
    • CAN bus Device Monitoring
    • Conducted Emissions (CE)
    • Conducted Immunity (CI) - (ALSE/REVERB)
    • Electromagnetic Field Analysis (EMAG)
    • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
    • EMC/EMI Diagnostic Testing
    • Radiated Emissions (RE)
    • Radiated Immunity (RF) - (ALSE)
    • Related Automotive EMC Services
    • EMF field measurements
    • ECE-R 10 testing

    Subject items are parts and products which is equipped in a car for providing convenience to drivers and could be influenced at driving and control for electromagnetic affect.
    Ex: Audio System, Navigation, Cruise, ABS, Auto Seat Belt, Etc.

    EMC standards of automotive is CISP, ISO 11451 series, ISO 11452 series, ISO 7637 series, SAE standards, final car specification of manufacturer, EU directive 2009/19/EC and KC standard KN41.

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