• Company received the test examination at ICR is able to check the test results information in the following ways:

    After inputting report number, push the O.k. button and you will be able to confirm that your company is actually tested by ICR. You will also be able to confirm the company name, valid date and Applicable Standards.

    Please enter the company name and certification number correctly.

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Certification/Service Enquiry

System Cert
T: +82-2-6351-9001
F: +82-2-6351-9007
EMC Testing
T: +82-2-6351-9002
F: +82-2-6455-2660
T: +82-2-6351-9003
F: +82-2-6455-2668
T: +82-2-6351-9005
F: +82-2-6455-2660
E: icr@icrqa.com